Emacs configuration file

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I use Emacs. I'm in Emacs and I use Emacs probably 70% of my every working day. It pays dividends to master it. Every efficiency gain I get in Emacs, I get to make use of right away, and it pays off as the days go by. […] There is a hump that you have to get over, and you may not have the time to get over that hump right now, but it's an investment, and that investment will pay off.
– John Wiegley

My objective, here, is to help you to start with Emacs.


I'm shipping a Emacs configuration file (provided as a library, called emacs-leuven) with a lot of the Emacs Lisp packages already activated and a more pleasant set of defaults.

Its documentation is done in the "literate programming" style (thanks to Org mode's tangle capability): chunks of code are inserted in the documentation itself, and extracted as an Emacs Lisp file.

Don't worry. Its a huge configuration file, but it's really fast: Emacs starts in around 2 seconds on my laptop!

See the Emacs Leuven configuration file on GitHub.